11/14/06 – 11:32am

Dear DayDreamer,

This is a short poem I wrote about letting go and centering a chaotic mind.



Who do I listen to?

Is the decision mine?



What am I to do?

Am I running out of time?



What is it that I hear?

Are you teaching me?



I now quiet my mind from fear…

And allow my SELF to just BE!

11/28/09 – 1:03am / Austin, TX – Kathy and Dukes house

Dear DayDreamer,

You have a way to make my noetic words dance
I trust in the power of your free-hand lance
As I write from a free thinking mind
I grow from each word that unwinds
Blasting with my pen to paper
Making sense of all these words of labor
Loving the flow of magic at my fluent tip
Pacing myself to make sure I don’t slip
With the right string of written Art from Nous
The words that rise from within are profuse.



11/27/09 – 10:55pm / Nancy’s house in Texas / Day after Thanksgiving

Dear DayDreamer,

I am a Dream conceived through my own thoughts.  So, is this NOT reality?!  The parity of my life and the thoughts that transmit leave indelible impressions of infallible instances that make up my existence.  Why do I sit here and ponder this wayward thinking as anything real?!  I am real… as real as blind sight on wind… I can not see it, but I can feel it.

Thank you,


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